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Producer / Host

Dedicated to finding out if the truth is really out there…

Skywatchers Radio is a podcast show which airs every Tuesdays at 11pm est.
The show has been on air since 2010, and at one point were the official lead in
show to “Midnight in the Desert” with host “Art Bell” who has since passed away.

We are currently taking a break from new shows, and are looking for 2 new hosts
to kick off the new year in style.

Production should kick back up before the summer with the show being both audio, and video.

To our loyal fans, and listeners. WE WILL RETURN!

  • Michael Waters

    Tuned in today, Wednesday the 2nd of September, and heard a discussion of a video on which a caller was hypothesizing artifacts. Trouble is, I don’t know where to go to view the video in question, and haven’t noticed it on this site yet.

    In any event, I’m happy to have access to broadcasting with paranormal and “deeper’ topics.

    • Michael Waters

      However, I’d like it you folks would try to avoid talking over each other.

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