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Dedicated to finding out if the truth is really out there… Skywatchers Radio is a podcast show which airs every Tuesdays at 11pm est. The show has been on air since 2010, and at one point were the official lead in show to “Midnight in the Desert” with host “Art Bell” who has since retired.

​The show features hosts Angel Espino who also produces, and runs the website for the show. Angel has another show called “Inside Tha Jackals Head” which has been on hiatus for the last couple of years but will be returning after the new year, and he’s produced shows for Bill & Nancy Birnes over on www.futuretheater.com (For more than 2 years) and was the first producer to work with Christopher Corry “ParaNation” & Ron Milione “The WOW Factor” both shows aired on www.psn-radio.com

​Angel also is part of a “Round Table Show” which airs on PSN Radio, and it’s a show that features a few of his friends, and they simply talk geek!

Host Alan Wyler… Also known as “The Other Guy” and well he does the best he can. That’s what makes him special… He’s been friends with Angel for over a decade, and a half, and while they are Hetero Radio Lifemates they are like an old married couple where they are always going at each other. But it’s all love at the end of the day.

​Bot guys like to keep the show fun, and light when it needs to be but they do take the subject serious.

Don’t let the fun banter between the hosts fool you these guys care about ufology, and want to uncover the ultimate question. “Are we alone?”

That question is the “Ultimate question but we know the guys are not alone on radio as they are also joined by Jesse Randolph who’s a one time radio ufology powerhouse in his own right, and once host of the show “Ufonaut Radio” which aired on BlogTalk Radio, and later on PSN RADIO. These days Jesse is the shows main “News Correspondent” his knowledge, and energy for the subject is exactly what is needed in ufology.

​Our back up co-host, and “Special segment correspondent” Chris J Brown brings his own personal experience, and knowledge to the show. He had a life changing experience a few years ago along with his young son, and it’s driven him to not only speak publically about it but it’s opened his interest in a subject he other wise never had any interest in.

So don’t get Batsquashed! Tune IN!

  • Michael Waters

    Tuned in today, Wednesday the 2nd of September, and heard a discussion of a video on which a caller was hypothesizing artifacts. Trouble is, I don’t know where to go to view the video in question, and haven’t noticed it on this site yet.

    In any event, I’m happy to have access to broadcasting with paranormal and “deeper’ topics.

    • Michael Waters

      However, I’d like it you folks would try to avoid talking over each other.

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